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Bently 3500 series Jan 07, 2023

Bently 3500 series mechanical protection system, with a wide measurement range, can be used to measure shaft vibration, shaft displacement, key phase, speed, eccentricity, differential expansion, etc., and receive vibration signals from Bently vibration sensor probe, bently 3300 eddy current sensor system (Bently 3300XL sensor probe, extension cable, proximitor), 330500, 9200 and other speed acceleration sensors. The bently3500 system can monitor the vibration of large rotating machinery, such as steam turbine, water turbine, fan, compressor, turbine expander, motor and generator, exciter, gearbox, water pump, etc. The Bently 3500 vibration monitoring machinery protection system is composed as follows:

Bently 3500/05 System Framework

Bently 3500/15 power supply (new)

Bently 3500/22M Rack Interface Module with TDI

Bently 3500/25 Keyphasor Module

Bently 3500/32 4-channel relay module

Bently 3500/34 TMR Relay Module

Bently 3500/40M Proximitor? Displacement monitor

Bently 3500/42M displacement/velocity acceleration monitoring

Bently 3500/44M Aerodynamic Monitor

Bently 3500/45 differential expansion/axial position monitor

Bently 3500/46M water and electricity monitor

Bently 3500/50 speed module

Bently 3500/53 Overspeed Detection Module

Bently 3500/60 and 3500/61 Temperature Monitors

Bently 3500/62 process variable monitor

Bently 3500/64M dynamic pressure monitor

Bently 3500/72M Piston Rod Position Monitor

Bently 3500/77M cylinder pressure monitor

Bently 3500/90 communication gateway

Bently 3500/92 communication gateway

Bently 3500/20 Rack Interface Module

Bently 3500/06 protection box

Bently 3500/08 Troubleshooting Connection Panel

Bently 3500 internal safety barrier

Bently 3500 electrical insulation device interface

Bently 3500/93 LCD display unit

Bently 3500/94 VGA Display Unit

Bently 3500/95 user interface workstation

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